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Bailey family reunion antique quilt show »

What a great idea to have a antique quilt show at our family reunion. Aunt Pat and daughter’s Kay and Shana started with two quilts, Wedding Ring quilt made by Pat’s Grandmother Augusta Looney Wallace and a quilt she had received from Uncle Bob family Dutch Boy quilt. Aunt Betty and daughter Debbie showed a […]

Cassie’s Pillowcase Kit Project »

We were in awe of the insight she had to the needs of hurting children and her plan as to helping them. It came to be called Cassie’s Love, Joy and Kindness Ministry.

Favorite Quilt Store in Estes Park, Colorado, USA »

I love traveling and one of my favorite places in the United States is Estes Park, Colorado.  I have been going for 32 years to the one of God’s most beautiful places on earth. It rates up there with my area that I live in.   With visiting my aunt and uncle and  shopping on my […]

Celebrating Texas Style! »

Well, yesterday was my birthday and this website became a reality just the eve before. I couldn’t have ask for a better birthday present than to be able to ‘voice’ and show off all that is in me about quilts! Another bonus was that my husband, Steve, and my son, Jeremy, went fishing and since […]

Applique Quilt Top »

This delightful hand quilted applique top can be yours to create the spectacular quilt you’ve always wanted. In stunning, bright, primary color fabric of blue, pink, yellow and green, the applique flower pattern is set on crisp white background. Three blocks across and three blocks down, it measures 79 x 79 1/2 inches. Quilt top […]

Vintage Hand Embroidered Quilt Blocks »

Click here:  Hand Embroidered Tulip Basket Quilt Blocks – to purchase this set of twenty beautiful, vintage 12 inch blocks that are hand embroidered with quaint baskets in shades of brown holding yellow and pink tulips on soft white muslin fabric. $100 for the complete set of twenty blocks!

Finding the family Mariner Compass Quilt – Part I »

Through a series of events I had discovered that she held in possession a quilt that had been passed down through the generations…in the famous mariner compass quilt pattern.

Welcome to my website! »

I’m Tanya and I live in one of the prettiest places on God’s green earth – right on the Brazos River in Texas. To me, quilt design is divine design – kind of like the creation around me. I created this website to share history about quilts, exchange information about patterns, write stories about my […]