Cassie’s Pillowcase Kit Project

I want to tell you about a young lady that is my granddaughter Cassie. At the age of seven, she shared with us the ministry that she had on her heart to teach other children to sew colorful pillowcases to give to other children in need.  We were in awe of the insight she had to the needs of hurting  children and her plan as to helping them.  It came to be called  Cassie’s Love, Joy and Kindness Ministry.

With several disasters happening in our country,  she had been given a plan from God and knew exactly what to do to put it in motion.  Cassie had her first planning meeting January 2008 with an agenda like a professional business woman.  She came to the meeting with her purposes, goals and plans written out for the vision of the ministry.  We, as a family made a decision to join her to become her legs and arms to get the job done.

The first pillowcase was given to a young child from Cassie’s school that was run over by a car at the homecoming football game. The pillowcase was given at a surprise birthday party after coming home from the hospital. (Her classmate has since returned to school.)

The first  sewing class for children is being planned in the near future.  If you would be interested in sponsoring a  children’s sewing class in your area contact for more information.

Pillowcase kits are ready for you to purchase, sew and return to Cassie’s Love, Joy and Kindness Ministry to be distributed to hurting children.

Cassie's Pillowcase Kit

Cassie's Pillowcase Kit

Click Here: Pillowcase Kit to purchase kit with written instructions for sewing, label for personal message and address for returning finished pillowcases.

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  1. That is awesome. I do remember us praying for the girl that got run over. Glad to know she has returned to school! What an answer to prayer!

    Valerie Light | Mar 24, 2009 | Reply

  2. I’m excited about sewing with my nieces this weekend making pillowcases.

    tanya | Jul 16, 2009 | Reply

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