Bailey family reunion antique quilt show

What a great idea to have a antique quilt show at our family reunion.


Aunt Pat and daughter’s Kay and Shana started with two quilts, Wedding Ring quilt made by Pat’s Grandmother Augusta Looney Wallace and a quilt she had received from Uncle Bob family Dutch Boy quilt.


Aunt Betty and daughter Debbie showed a mint condition Wedding Ring quilt made by Augusta Looney Wallace that was given to her daughter in love (law) Elizabeth Wallace.  Aunt Elizabeth request that Betty receive this quilt that had never been used.  What a treasurer.   Upon closer viewing of the two wedding ring quilts they had been made with the same fabric and quilting.


My Brother Buddy and I displayed three quilts.  The first being a Wedding Ring quilt that Buddy received from Great Aunt Lottie’s estate.

Buddy's Baby Quilt

Buddy's Baby Quilt

I surprised my brother by showing his baby quilt of Blue and Pink square block with the words Baby Dear written on the quilt.


We showed a quilt that I remembered being the first quilt I was around in my parent’s Jerry and Shafter’s home  a 1930’s square block quilt.


Aunt Mary and daughter Terri displayed two quilts.  A beautiful Dutch Girl quilt that had been restored by Uncle Bob cousin Faye Chapman.


The next was a awesome Dresden Plate quilt in really good shape.  The two were made by Grandmother Wallace.   I shared the story about traveling to Oklahoma City and meeting  my two Aunts  Betty and Mary to see our ancestor quilt that was made in the 1850’s in Texas by Almyra Turner Wallace.  I show the group pictures of the quilt and reproduction fabric  that I will be using in making a reproduction of the quilt.  We enjoyed sharing our quilts for all to see and touch.  Maybe some new quilter will a merge out of this showing.  It was a great way to preserve our family history in quilting.

Cassie’s Pillowcase Kit Project

I want to tell you about a young lady that is my granddaughter Cassie. At the age of seven, she shared with us the ministry that she had on her heart to teach other children to sew colorful pillowcases to give to other children in need.  We were in awe of the insight she had to the needs of hurting  children and her plan as to helping them.  It came to be called  Cassie’s Love, Joy and Kindness Ministry.

With several disasters happening in our country,  she had been given a plan from God and knew exactly what to do to put it in motion.  Cassie had her first planning meeting January 2008 with an agenda like a professional business woman.  She came to the meeting with her purposes, goals and plans written out for the vision of the ministry.  We, as a family made a decision to join her to become her legs and arms to get the job done.

The first pillowcase was given to a young child from Cassie’s school that was run over by a car at the homecoming football game. The pillowcase was given at a surprise birthday party after coming home from the hospital. (Her classmate has since returned to school.)

The first  sewing class for children is being planned in the near future.  If you would be interested in sponsoring a  children’s sewing class in your area contact for more information.

Pillowcase kits are ready for you to purchase, sew and return to Cassie’s Love, Joy and Kindness Ministry to be distributed to hurting children.

Cassie's Pillowcase Kit

Cassie's Pillowcase Kit

Click Here: Pillowcase Kit to purchase kit with written instructions for sewing, label for personal message and address for returning finished pillowcases.

Favorite Quilt Store in Estes Park, Colorado, USA

I love traveling and one of my favorite places in the United States is Estes Park, Colorado.  I have been going for 32 years to the one of God’s most beautiful places on earth. It rates up there with my area that I live in.   With visiting my aunt and uncle and  shopping on my list of things to do while there,  I found a quilt shop that I would say is full of joy.  You are greeted with a smile and  a cup of hot tea served in a real china cup.  I had never been in a quilt store serving tea much less the employees excited about decorating the front window the next morning.  What is different here is what I was thinking as I heard them talking among themselves.  Excited to be working!!!   Then I met Sherry Strong, the owner of Cottage Bliss formerly High Country Amish Quilts .  She revealed to me that this was a store with a mission from God.   The net income of the store is used to do projects to help people in need.  I got excited how God was using the marketplace to fund His Projects.

The store full of fabric, quilt kits, Amish Quilts and gifts to over flowing is a shopper’s dream.

I shared with them what I was going to do the next year in 2007 by managing Tracey Elliot-Reep from England doing a Ride Of Faith thru the Rocky Mountain’s starting on the Rio Grande River at the Mexico Border with two horses and ending on the Canada Border.  Tracey alway choses a charity for the ride and her choice of charity for the Riding By Faith in Ameria was going to be the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association .  As I was sharing about Tracey being a christian professional photographer and writer they invited Tracey to stop in Estes Park on her ride.  They became more than a quilt store to me the following year as a souce of information helping with the ride in the area.  I believe they were put in my path more than just buying fabric but to be an encouragement  to go about doing God projects in the world.

If you are in the area go by and enjoy a store full of joy.  Have a hot cup of tea!!!!  Earl Grey would be Tracey’s choice.  You will be blessed by this sweet group of ladies.

Celebrating Texas Style!

Well, yesterday was my birthday and this website became a reality just the eve before. I couldn’t have ask for a better birthday present than to be able to ‘voice’ and show off all that is in me about quilts!

Another bonus was that my husband, Steve, and my son, Jeremy, went fishing and since springtime is rolling around early this year, caught a batch of catfish which turned into one fun fish fry…Texas style!

Happy Birthday to me! 🙂

Applique Quilt Top

Quilted Applique Top

Quilted Applique Top

This delightful hand quilted applique top can be yours to create the spectacular quilt you’ve always wanted. In stunning, bright, primary color fabric of blue, pink, yellow and green, the applique flower pattern is set on crisp white background. Three blocks across and three blocks down, it measures 79 x 79 1/2 inches.

Quilt top available for only $140! Click HERE to purchase this colorful quilted applique top ready to be transformed into a meaningful quilt for you or someone you love.



Applique Quilt Top

Applique Quilt Top

Vintage Hand Embroidered Quilt Blocks

Hand Embroidered Tulip Basket Quilt Block

Hand Embroidered Tulip Basket Quilt Block

Click here:  Hand Embroidered Tulip Basket Quilt Blocks – to purchase this set of twenty beautiful, vintage 12 inch blocks that are hand embroidered with quaint baskets in shades of brown holding yellow and pink tulips on soft white muslin fabric. $100 for the complete set of twenty blocks!

Finding the family Mariner Compass Quilt – Part I

It was a beautiful fall day as I eagerly drove to introduce myself  along with my two aunt’s Betty and Mary to visit a distant relative in Oklahoma that I had never met before. Through a series of events, I had discovered that she held in possession a quilt that had been passed down through the generations…in the famous Mariner Compass quilt pattern.


Lil Marshall and me

What a delight to make my acquaintance with this spry and gracious 95 year old relative who was a girl after my own heart – she loved quilts. We chatted endlessly about this beautiful quilt and the maker Almrya Turner Wallace my Great Great Great Grandmother.

Mariner’s Compass is the name quilters use to refer to star designs that radiate from the center of a circle as opposed to the star designs that grow from a square, like Ohio Star or Sawtooth Star. If you are going to call your design a Mariner’s Compass it should probably have 16 or 32 points like the compass card on a magnetic compass or a map. Barbara Brackman says that this is one of the earliest named quilting designs in America.

Mariners Compass Pattern Quilt

Mariners Compass Pattern Quilt

“Although the design source is lost in history it probably had something to do with the design as seen on navigational maps. Certainly there is a large proportion of existing antique quilts from the Atlantic Coast area made with this design. Any quilter who is interested in this design would benefit from a study of sailing charts as far back as the 16th century,” says Quilt Designer Judy Mathieson for Woman’s Day.

Here’s what I learned about the history on this quilt:  Almyra Turner was born in October 1836 and came to Texas at the age of 3 when it was still a Republic. By the time she was fifteen years old, she was quilting. She was married twice first to Mr Buie and then to my Great Great Great Grandfather John Wallace.   Her daughter, Effie Wallace Marshall received the quilt upon her death and it has been in the care of the Marshall family since 1909. One hundred years!

Welcome to my website!



I’m Tanya and I live in one of the prettiest places on God’s green earth – right on the Brazos River in Texas.

Brazos River in Texas

Brazos River in Texas

To me, quilt design is divine design – kind of like the creation around me.

I created this website to share history about quilts, exchange information about patterns, write stories about my family’s historical quilts, show off my granddaughter’s projects and promote sales for her worthy goals, showcase my own quilts and quilt blocks for sale and finally just to be able to interact with quilt lovers everywhere!

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Favorite Quilt Block

Favorite Quilt Block